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Since 2001, thousands of diverse clients have trusted us to provide corporate event photography and video services nationwide.
Our breadth and depth of experience as corporate, convention and event photographers has allowed us to provide custom solutions for Event Planners, Event Marketers and PR & Marketing Professionals.
Here is a showcase of large scale projects that have leveraged a range of our services. View all the project studies here.
event photography, Corporate photography, convention photographer

Oracle OpenWorld Conference

As the official photography agency for the conference since 2010, Orange…

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event photography, Corporate photography, convention photographer

Bank of America Excellence Awards

Bank of America secured Orange to work their magic as Corporate Photography agency of record…

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event photography, Corporate photography, convention photographer

MPI WEC Conference

Since 2010, Orange has been the official agency for Meeting Planner’s national conference…

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Project Pinball charity at the UCSF Children’s Hospital

We’re excited that today we’ve loaded up our pinball machine, a Stern Iron Man, to drop off at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital just down the street here in the Dogpatch in San Francisco.  This is part of a test run we’re doing through the Project Pinball Charity.

According to Daniel Spolar: “Project Pinball Charity Group. Inc. assists in enriching children’s lives through active play and distraction from ‘hospital life’. This allows our smallest patients the opportunity to focus on something other than medical tests, medications, treatments and procedures.

“Several studies have shown that therapeutic play is effective in decreasing anxiety and fears for children from the time of admission through time of discharge. By having the opportunity to ‘get away’ and play pinball for a brief moment, the patient and their families can see and feel an improved quality of life through the distraction playing provides,” says Spolar. […]

Vacation Photography Tips: Thailand

Vacation photography is something that’s kind of a challenge for a photographer.  When we go on vacation we’re supposed to not be working, but then photography as a hobby is something we would still want to do so it’s always a challenge to figure out whether you want to bring any gear, and/or what to shoot (if anything).

Recently I went on a vacation to Thailand and had to decide on whether I would bring my pro gear along, or just use my phone.  I really thought about bringing just the phone, but then realized I would want some nice shots that could be produced into gifts, etc.

The final decision was to bring along one DSLR body and two lenses to keep things simple (50mm and 16-35).   No flash, and just a couple extra charged batteries to limit myself.  Limitations are quite good for creatives since they force you to come up with solutions so I was comfortable with the gear selection.  I also brought along an old Polaroid 600 style camera with about five packs of Impossible Project film.



Back to the Future themed parties are THE hot trend for 2015!

Do you know where you’ll be on October 21, 2015?  Chances are it’ll be a Back to the Future party and if you haven’t been to a Back to the Future party this year yet, we guarantee you will!

We’ve done several Back to the Future parties already this year and anticipate a bunch more as it’s definitely a hot and timely trend for parties.

“2015 is not only when Marty and Doc go into the future but it also marks the 30th anniversary of the original Back To The Future. It’s going to be an exciting year filled with lots of parties and special screenings. It’s also fun to witness how the future holds up in real life compared to the film. I’m most excited to be attending the ‘We’re Going Back’ Fan Celebration in late October,” says Back to the Future fan and co-founder of Taplist, Brian O’Neill.


Light Painting Photo Booth photography

Light painting photography is something that’s pretty fun to do and now available as a photo booth!

We had been toying with the idea of doing one and finally set it up recently.  There are a lot of light painting tools out there now so we experimented with some basic ones first.  We knew people would want to write in light so we decided to flip the images as it is often too hard for people to write backwards so the writing shows up right and that worked out pretty well (see above and below).

You can also get some neat transparency effects by using a strobe and of course multiple exposures of the same person, which can be kind of freaky.  If you’re interested in a Light Painting Photo Booth for your next event, please reach out to our sales team!


Mini Review: On Photography by Susan Sontag

This isn’t so much a review since On Photography has been out for so long and should be a staple in any photographers library.  Upon revisiting the text, it’s […]

Arcade Expo 2015

Arcade Expo held their first event at the Museum of Pinball in Banning, CA this past weekend and we were on hand to cover the opening.  It was a packed weekend full of pinball, video games, seminars and even a new Guinness World Record attempt.


UCSF Champions Gala Photography

It might be awards season in Hollywood, but we’re honored to have been part of the UCSF Champions Gala this past weekend! Our team captured this star-studded evening and made sure every moment was memorable! Among attendees were the night’s headliners, Kevin Spacey and Tim McGraw, as well as 49ers greats, Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott.

For a more full recap of the evening as whole, check out the always-on-point Catherine Bigelow’s coverage for the San Francisco Chronicle!


Top Five Event Entertainment Ideas for 2015!

Did you see a ton of cool stuff at your company holiday party this past month?  I know we saw quite a lot since we were working at so many […]